Top 4 Ways to Travel on a Budget

Summer is coming to a close and fall coming upon us. The beautiful weather outside warrants nice walks outside and, of course, a healthy dose of travel! For those of us on a budget, travel may seem intimidating. There are hotels to pay for, food to buy, clothes to pack, and transportation to plan. Never fear dear reader! I am here to tell you that you, yes you, can travel heartily without breaking the bank. Below, I share my top 4 ways to travel on a budget.

Apply for a Travel Credit Card

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“Credit card” is cringy to me as I absolutely cannot stand credit card debt. But, with the responsible use of travel credit cards, you can afford to take awesome vacations. There are a plethora of vendors offering travel cards with phenomenal benefits. The Discover IT Miles card, for instance, matches your miles in the first year of use. Basically, whatever miles you earned your first year of using the card, Discover will then match your miles. How amazing is that!? Travel cards offer cashback, frequent flyer miles, and hotel loyalty benefits. For the purchases you make, you earn points, miles, and rewards for different travel related items. You can use the card benefits to cover the costs of your trips and save plenty of moolah!

Day Trips, Day Trips, Day Trips!

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Take a day during the week or on the weekend and just get of your day-to-day! You don’t have to go on an exotic vacation in order to travel or explore the world. There are plenty of places within a 2 hour radius from your town that you can check out! The beautiful thing about day trips is that you can find places that are easily accessible to you so you can visit them whenever you like! I use Eventbrite or the local paper to find quirky festivals and fun things to do around town. If I’m feeling super froggy, then I grab a friend and take relaxing ride around town. You never know what you’ll discover.


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You can do minications two ways:

  1. Stay at a local hotel or bed and breakfast and explore touristy areas in your town.
  2. Stay at a town near you and explore a new place.

Clarification: I consider a town to be “near” me if it is 1 – 4 hours away by car, train, or airplane. This gives me plenty of new places to explore and it’s easier to fit the target destination into a 2-3 day trip.

Minications are a wonderful way to get to know your state or neighboring states. On the east coast where I reside, there are boundless, quirky towns I can travel to that are only 2 to 4 hours away. Use your travel card benefits, Groupon, or other deal sites to find great hotel and travel deals for a 2-3 night stay. Also, if you are travelling to an area where you have family/friends, see if you can stay with them and save big $$$.

Carefully Plan Larger Trips

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You can go anywhere in the world, but it takes careful planning! On average, I have seen oversees travel to Europe, Asia, and the Americas cost around $2500+ for itinerary based trips (Costsaver, Trafalgar, and other group travel places). If you decide to go with an itinerary trip, plan you travel out a year in advance, place the cost on your travel credit card (depending on your card holder, you should earn rewards) and plan to pay off the trip in about 6 – 12 months time. If you absolutely hate the idea of going on an itinerary trip, you can always plan all the trip details yourself. This part will take some work, but you might come out cheaper. Air BnB, Eventbrite, Groupon, and VRBO are all great starting points for planning your trip. I also recommend checking out different blogs and social media for things to do in your prospective vacation area.

Traveling on a budget is not impossible. Regardless of where you are in your life, you have the capability to travel to your heart’s content. Plan ahead, use your money wisely, and explore!

Let me know in the comments or on my social media some of your travel tips and tricks!

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