Top 3 Eco-Friendly, Vegan Beauty Brands

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I hope everything is well with you on this lovely September day! Part of meaningful living for me is to make sure that I am investing in products and brands that care about our planet and it’s citizens. Since taking the step into minimalism years ago, I haven’t invested in a whole lot of beauty and makeup products, I try to keep it simple BUT I am pickier about which brands I use. Even if a product isn’t the most eco-friendly, I try to choose brands that are vegan, mostly natural, and I try dispose of the container as best I can.

Over the last 2-3 years, I must admit I have 3 brands that are my favorite for eco-friendly, humanitarian, and vegan beauty. All 3 companies influence the environment in a positive way, are philanthropic, and the products are just amazing!

#1 100% Pure

This is my favorite brand! If you are looking for products that are 100% natural, 100% Pure is for you! It’s nice to know that whatever I buy from here is good for my body and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The products are more on the pricey side (comparable to Tarte or Urban Decay), but it’s worth it! Another plus, is that they are 100% cruelty-free. For every purchase customers make, a bowl of dog food is donated to shelter. How amazing is that? You can purchase beautiful, healthy products while donating to charity at the same time! It’s a win-win!


Lush Store
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I’m 99% sure everyone in America has heard of Lush or at least seen their iconic bath bombs. Lush specializes in unisex bath, body, makeup, and shower products with kind, organic ingredients. They also have a section of “Naked” products that are sold without packaging to reduce waste. According to their site, 100% of their products are vegetarian and 80% are vegan. Does Lush get any better than this you ask? Heck yes! The company is a supreme advocate for the environment, animals, and humans! They have two major philanthropic campaigns called the Charity Pot Fun and the Sustainable Lush Fund. Both campaigns help support various causes through monetary donation.

#3 Alaffia

Alaffia is for sure my #1 favorite beauty brand! Their mission overall is to help and empower African communities, specifically Togo. Through their campaigns such as the Maternal Health Project, Alaffia has helped the Togolese community tremendously. Proceeds from the company go towards school supplies and books for children, environmental sustainability, and supplying eyeglasses for those in need. They are Fair For Life and Made Safe Certified as well as verified non-GMO. It is always nice to know that through purchasing with Alaffia, that I am positively influencing a community in need. It’s wonderful that their are beauty brands passionate about making the planet a better place.

These are my top 3 brands. Do you all have any other beauty brands to recommend? Would you like for this to be a series? Let me know in the comments below or on one of our social pages! Be sure to share! Thanks!

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