Monday Motivation: Thoughts on Self-Esteem

Hello my Dear Readers and Happy Monday!

I normally post affirmations on Monday, but instead I wanted to change it up and discuss something that has been on my mind a bit lately: Self-Esteem. I don’t have a specific outline for this post, so it will be more like a diary/journal entry.

Self-Esteem is a journey and a long one at that. The journey to confidence is a wind-y road that transcends the physical and moves into the spiritual. Self-esteem is more than a bubble bath on a Sunday night. It is treating yourself right. Standing up for yourself. Protecting yourself. Loving yourself and those around as best as you can.

In my life, I am learning to boost my self-esteem not just in how I present myself to the world, but in how I live everyday. There have been times where I felt bad for not speaking up for myself or afraid simply for the sake of being afraid. Not anymore, for me self-esteem is allowing my voice to be heard. My promise to myself is to deposit positive additions to my self-confidence bank and learn the lessons that life is showing me.

Self-Esteem is something you define for yourself. What does it look like to you? How can you show yourself that you love yourself? For me, self-esteem is making sure that I take care of my emotions and strive to grow each and everyday. I know when my self-esteem is high when I feel like I am taking care of myself mind, body, and soul. I feel low when I neglected my emotions.

Dearest reader you are a being connected to the infinite source of love and light above. You deserve the best life has to offer. Pour into yourself. Love yourself. Treat yourself as the sacred being you are. You are necessary. You are divinely loved. You belong on this earth and have a purpose.


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