Motivation Monday: 15 Powerful Self-Confidence Affirmations

Self-Confidence is Developed Everyday

Happy Motivation Monday!

Per our usual Monday tradition, I am sharing affirmations to super charge your everyday! These powerful self-confidence affirmations will pump you up and assist you along your self-love journey.

Everyday, we must build ourselves by speaking life into our self-esteem. How you speak to yourself is key in growing your self-confidence.

Take these self-confidence affirmations and say them to yourself everyday as you get ready. Record them for yourself, if need be, and listen to them when you need a confidence boost or on your way to work.

You are most valuable investment, develop yourself, love yourself, and watch your self-confidence soar! Please feel free to adjust the affirmations as you see fit.

15 Powerful Self-Confidence Affirmations List:

  1. I am confident!
  2. The confidence I feel oozes out of me and positively impacts my everyday.
  3. I love being confident. No matter what, I know I am doing my best in my endeavors.
  4. When I walk into a room, people can feel my confidence and high self-esteem.
  5. I look in the mirror and smile at myself!
  6. I am proud of myself, my accomplishments, and my values.
  7. Thank you, Universe, for creating me. Thank you for my skill set, my abilities, my drive, and desires!
  8. I am powerful.
  9. I am necessary.
  10. I am beloved by my friends and family. They cherish me, love me, and include me.
  11. I am a valuable asset to planet earth. My contributions to society help others in tremendous ways.
  12. I love my personality, my laugh, and my smile.
  13. I love to care of myself in mind, body, and spirit.
  14. I walk with confidence. I speak with confidence. I am confidence.
  15. My confidence in myself inspires others to be their best self.

There you have it reader! Self-confidence affirmations to brighten your day! If you like these and would like an audio version of the affirmations, let me know in the comments.

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