Sunshine and Spirit Podcast: Episode One Shownotes

Episode One Intro

First ever episode of the Sunshine and Spirit podcast! The episode is mega short and introduces the podcast to new listeners! Be sure to share!

Episode Summary

0:00 – 3:24 About the Podcast

  • Welcome Everyone!
  • Show host introduction and background on her.
  • Why Sunshine and Spirit was created.
  • What to expect from the podcast, posting schedule, and who S&S is for.

3:24-5:00 What meaningful living means to me.

5:00 – 6:37 Final Thoughts

Notable Quoatables

Meaningful living to me means that regardless of whatever I am doing in my life it means something to me.

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No matter what comes into my life I evaluate whether or not it is something that adds value to my life.

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