Motivation Monday: 10 Powerful Affirmations to Manifest a New Car

Happy Motivation Monday Readers!

Personal Opinion: Cars are the most fun to manifest! When I manifested my car, Sparkly Marie, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I ended up not receiving the car I wanted, but the car I needed! Maybe in another post, I shall talk more about that process! Anywho! Inputting positive sayings into your subconscious mind conditions your brain for manifestation. If it’s a new vehicle you want, start speaking it into existence now!

These affirmations are different from the previous posts, as they allow room for you to describe your ideal car, price, and other aspects about it! Have fun and adjust the affirmations to your liking!

10 Affirmations to Manifest a New Car

  1. I love my _______(say make, model, color, and year).
  2. Purchasing my new car was an easy and effortless process!
  3. I love the interior of my car (tell the Universe what kind of interior you would like).
  4. My new car is easily affordable! I paid _____ and the payments are smooth to make.
  5. Buying awesome things for my car is a blast! (List some things you desire to put in your new car).
  6. Thank you Universe for my vehicle! Thank your for its reliability, the affordability, and where it takes me!
  7. Thank you for the transportation is provides for me and my family.
  8. Thank you that my (say make, model, color, and year) is fully functioning.
  9. Thank you for the manufacturers, the people that worked on the car, and the previous owners (if any). Thank you for the care and concern they have for my car!
  10. Thank you for the money I have to pay for the car! Thank you that the purchase is smooth. Thank you for the financing and the payments!

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