Kalevocado Blast Smoothie Recipe

I love smoothies! They are the best things to ever happen to this busy girl’s morning routine. Don’t have time to make a hearty breakfast? Grab a smoothie! Extra fruit you have no clue what to do with? Make a smoothie! Smoothies solve all of my food woes. Plus, they are easy to make!

My goto, holy grail smoothie will always and forever be a kale and avocado smoothie. The iron from the kale and healthy fat from the avocado gives me an energetic kick in the pants! To make the smoothie more interesting and naturally sweet, I add in assorted fruits to taste.

Mild disclaimer: I cook from the hip and rarely use measurements. The measurements I give below are just suggestions. I recommend to add in a little bit of each ingredient, blend, and taste. If the flavor is not to your liking, add more of what you like. The kale and avocado are almost tasteless so I tend to be heavy handed with the kale in particular. I like to have more veggies in my smoothie for nutrient purposes.

Kalevocado Blast Smoothie

Items Needed:
– Blender
– 1 Large Avocado
– Bag of Kale
– Coconut Water
– Mixed Fruit: I like to use a bag of berries, mangoes, and pineapples.
– 1 Banana

Take out your blender and add in small handful of kale and the mixed fruit. Slice the avocado and banana in half. Add both halves of the banana and only one half of the avocado. The avocado thickens the smoothie. Add the coconut water and blend! If the blender has trouble combining the fruits and veggies, add more coconut water. Now taste! If the smoothie consistency is too loose, add the second half of the avocado and few more pieces of fruit to thicken! Enjoy!

What do you of the recipe above? Did you change it or add more ingredients? Let me know in the comments below or on one of our social media pages!

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