How to use a Journal to Manifest Your Desires: Scripting

Journaling is Multi-Faceted

Journaling is not just for writing down your everyday thoughts. You can journal your to-do lists, budgets, or answer writing prompts. With trends like Bullet Journaling, the sky is the limit when it comes to expressing yourself. The act of putting pen to paper is sacred and physically connects us with our words or drawing. This is why journaling is a powerful way to help you manifest your desires. It brings your requests into the physical and lovingly tucks them away for the Universe to see.

Journal Manifestation Technique: Scripting

Scripting is the writing version of “acting as if.” If you have manifested things before, you know how important it is to act as if your desires have already come to pass. You prepare your life and make space for what it is you want. Scripting is writing down exactly what you want. It prepares you mentally for your desires. It let’s your imagination run wild to visualize your request, but instead of it just seeing it in your head, it’s immortalized on paper.

Now comes the fun part! You can be as wild and creative as you want to be! I recommend dedicating a journal or notebook completely to scripting. Allow yourself to write as much as you want without worrying about using to many pages. Here are two exercises to get you started:

  1. Day in the Life/ Perfect Scenario: The most popular scripting activity is writing a day in your life or the scenario where everything you want is manifested. Walk yourself through every explicit detail of what a day in the life your desires looks and feels like. As you’re writing, it is imperative that your “perfect” day feels tangible.
    • What do you smell? What are you tasting?
    • What time are you waking up? Who’s next to you?
    • How do you close out your day? Details, details, details!
    • Example: Say I am trying to manifest a new, blue car. In my journal, this is the ideal scenario I write about:
      “ I am going to the car dealership on 123 ABC lane to pick up my new, blue car. My best friend, Katy, is giving me a ride to the dealership and we stop off at AutoZone to pick up a steering wheel cover and tropical island scent tree. We arrive just in time for my appointment and the car salesman is extremely nice! The process took close to 4 hours, but I drove home in my darling new car!”
  2. Dream Journaling: If you’re a visual person, this is the best exercise for you! I like to blend the exercise above with vision boarding. Vision boarding is finding specific photos that align your desires and tacking them onto a board of some sort. In a dream journal, you paste a picture of your desire and thoroughly write about it. On one page in my dream journal, I have images posted of different entrepreneurial endeavors and on the following pages, I write exactly what I want and what I am doing. The pictures and the words assist me with vibrating on the same level as my desires. Ultimately, this is the goal. Using scripting to journal aligns you with your desires so they can come to pass.

What do you think about scripting? Is it something that you’ve used before? How do you manifest? Let me know in the comments below.

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