Worried? Anxious? Here’s How to Eradicate Worry Through Writing.

Worry is the number one cause of sleepless nights, anxiety, and restlessness. At night, I used to lie awake clawing to find answers to dilemmas I experienced.

Worry literally lead me down a path of insanity. One day, the Universe lead my sprit to utilize writing to help me heal past a constant worry mindset. I found that through writing I could heal myself and solve any issue I came across. Currently, I use two writing techniques to help ease my mind and eradicate the spirit of worry from my person.

Use a Universe Box to Cast Away Worry

Last year I learned a technique from Abiola Abrams that involved creating a “God Box” or “Universe Box.” Whenever I have a concern, I take a tiny sheet of paper and write out the issue and how I feel about it. I then fold the paper, place it in my Universe Box and audibly tell the Universe that the problem is in its hands. At the end of the year, I dump out all of the papers and I reflect on each one. The peace of mind that I have received from this practice has been astounding. I find that issues I once worried about were solved in due time and I felt physically lighter. It’s amazing what the Universe can do for us once we let go!

Journaling Your Troubles and Easing the Mind

You do not have to write in a bound journal in order for this method to be effective. You are more than welcome to use loose leaf paper of any kind. If there is an issue that is worrying you, simply take out a peace of paper and write it out.  Write exactly how you feel about the issue and include every detail, concern, and possible outcome. This is important as you want to remove all the energy associated with the problem. As you finish your writing, take deep breath, and give the issue to the Universe.

Now, you can do multiple things with this paper:

  •  Keep it in a Universe box or bound journal.
  •  Burn it, tear it up, or bury it.
  •  Place it under a white candle.

A small note on white candles: By placing your issue under the candle, you are asking the universe to bring you peace about the issue and remove any associated negative energy.

Regardless of what you choose to do with the paper, let the problem go. Feel the lightness and understand that the Universe is working in your Divine favor.

I truly hope this article helps you!

You are blessed! You are loved! You are supported! Namaste.

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