How to Fall in Love With Yourself

Good Day my Dear Readers!

Welcome to September and the joy is brings to us all! Falling in love with yourself is a remarkable journey. In society, we spend so much time focusing on how to love others, that we leave our inner beings on the back burner. Why do we do this to ourselves? The truth is that no one can love us like our own selves. Deep self-love is rare but ethereal. It is a love that no one but yourself can break. When we learn about ourselves like we do a new lover or friend, we cultivate self-trust. This trust is unshakeable, irreplaceable, and unlike any outside of us.

#1: Spend Time Alone

Being alone can be frightening, but in our solace we merge with the mind of God. Take yourself on a date to a new place. Go to a museum. See a show. Go for a walk. Do something you like to do without worrying about someone else. Think about it: When we wish to fall in love with another, we desire to spend time with only them. Do the very same thing with yourself. Carve out time to see what you like and don’t like. Learn what truly makes you happy and passionate. 

#2: Understand your Triggers

Being “triggered” is a necessary part of personal growth and divine self-love. Understand why something is bothering you. Is it tapping into a painful insecurity? Does something or someone remind you of an event that hurt you? What about when you feel elated or joyful? Why do you feel that way? When we understand why we feel the way we feel, we learn to understand ourselves. Knowing what makes us tick also helps us to establish healthy boundaries.  Self-love understands the light and dark elements of ourselves.

#3: Breathe

True love takes time. Loving yourself is an ongoing, daily walk. Love is a process focused on the journey not the destination. Falling in love with you is beautiful, gradual, and mysterious. Enjoy it. Feel the journey. The difficulties that come with this adventure will change you in ways unimaginable. The love you have for yourself will become tangible. Cut yourself some slack if you don’t “feel” it yet. Your journey is YOUR journey. Breathe.

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