Coronavirus and Slowing Down: Podcast Episode #4 Shownotes

Hi Everyone and Welcome back to the Sunshine and Spirit podcast.

I am so happy that you all are joining me today. I hope that you are enjoying your time at home and staying well in mind, body and soul. Today, I want to talk about slowing down and breathing.

This has been a major topic of focus in my life especially since the coronavirus-pocalypse has struck America. I had so many plans and things I wanted to accomplish and see by the time May/June came around. It seems as if life slapped my plans out of my hands and made the whole world stop.

Coronavirus Lessons

At first, I was upset and extremely annoyed at the Universe. I am sad for people that are adversely affected monetarily, emotionally, and physically by the virus. I felt like life was unfair for everybody and I don’t want to see other people in pain. But then I realized several, small beautiful things:

  1. Number 1: Because we are forced to stay home and limit our activities, mother earth is healing herself. There are so many images online of places that were once incredibly polluted that are now clearing up. Less people outside means less waste. Our absence gives the planet a chance to breathe and she needs it.
  2. Number 2: People seem to be unifying. Coronavirus affects the world. It’s a shared experience I can talk to someone in Norway about or Japan or California. Although for many the virus has been tragic, it’s a phenomena that’s bringing humanity together that transcends race, religion, politics, and other trivial things that get in the way of us truly connecting to each other like we’re designed to.
  3. Number 3: Even though many plans have been halted abruptly, staying home and recognizing what’s important (connection, our true goals, and what matters to us in our core) has brought a plethora of introspection and perspective to everyone. I know I definitely received so much perspective during this time. I am seeing things way differently than what I did before. I needed this time and I didn’t recognize it at first.
  4. Finally, pandemics happen. Plagues, disease, outbreaks and the like are apart of the human experience. Although there are places that may have things worse than others, it’s apart of life. Suffering, upset, pain, loss, and disease are connected to the ups and downs of life and we can’t escape them. What we can do, however, is accept that they happen and move through them as best we can looking to each other and the spirit that connect us all for support and love. We can’t control what’s outside of us, but we can control our inner peace.

    Coronavirus has been a painful, uncomfortable but necessary breath that we needed to take. What I am learning is that life will sometimes add calamity to our lives to make us look at ourselves and what we’re doing. Although these breaths may be terrible or uncomfortable to experience, it’s the ebbs and flows of life that make our existence worth living no matter what.

What I am learning is that life will sometimes add calamity to our lives to make us look at ourselves and what we’re doing.

When life takes our plans and throws a wrench right in the middle, it’s our job to step back, slow down, breathe, and listen to what life is trying to tell us. Connect to that inner peace, connect to our fellow brothers and sisters, and connect to the spirit of life.

Thank you so much for listening to today’s podcast! I hope it added a little ray of sunshine to your life. Check the description box for links to our Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, and Pinterest pages. And be sure to check out for this episode’s transcript and more content from us!

Thanks again and bye!

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