Monday Motivation: Affirmations for Money, Wealth, and Prosperity

Monday is here, Monday is here dear reader! You know what that means – affirmations and motivation to kick-start your week! Today’s affirmations will be about money, wealth, and prosperity.

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Money is Energy

After I overhauled my life a few week’s ago, I’ve been focusing on changing my psychology toward money. Money is energy not just something you earn or a bi-weekly paycheck. By changing the way we think about money, we begin to unlock the secrets to the abundance within. Our internal source energy is connected to the vibrations of the Universe. We are a breathing extension of a loving and WEALTHY Universe. Tap into this. See past your monetary limits and understand that you can attract more wealth, money, and abundance through the energy within. The first step to changing your attititude toward money is, of course, through affirmations. I recommend repeating the sayings below everyday for 21 days. Let the words sink deep into your subconcious.

Power Money Affirmations

As usual, adjust these affirmations as you see fit! Feel free to record them or if you would like to hear a recording of these affirmations, let me know in the comments below!

  1. Thank you for the money I have in my bank account. Thank you that each and every cent is used to bring abundance to my life.
  2. I am the child of an infinitely abundant Universe. Whatever I need, whatever I ask for is given to me.
  3. I am financially free and financially blessed.
  4. I manage my money well. I spend on things I need and buy the things I want.
  5. My life is overflowing with prosperity. Everyday I wake up and see fruits of the universe in my life.
  6. Money easily flows to me.
  7. I am drawn to money making ventures. They bring money into my life by the barrelfull.
  8. I have the money I need to go on vacation, buy the house I want, travel, and pay all necessary expenses in my life.
  9. The money I receive blesses my life, my family, and those around me.
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the money I am receiving.
  11. Money circulates for me in an infinite supply.
  12. I circulate money and pay for things happily and with gratitude.
  13. I am grateful for the money that others have spent for my benefit.
  14. I am wealthy.
  15. I am rich
  16. I am abundant.
  17. I am money.
  18. Money works for me.
  19. I make money easily.
  20. Money is overflowing in my lap!

More on Money Psychology

Below are a few resources to help you change your psychology toward money. Remember: Money is energy!

  1. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne – This book is about gratitude overall. She talks a bit about money and how gratitude toward money brings us more prosperity.
  2. Revered Ike Legacy on YouTube is the best video source for money psychology. I listen to him whenever I need a hearty money pick-me-up.
  3. YouAreCreators money and wealth affirmations are phenomenal.

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