4 Tech-Free Ways to Kill Time This Winter

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In the infamous words of the Stark family, “winter is coming.” Well, if you live on the East Coast, it’s already here. The winter is time of not wanting to leave the house and feeling less inclined to be human. With these long, dark days in, how can we entertain ourselves? If you’re sick of Netflix, the hum-drum of social media, and need some ideas, read on, read on!

#1 Good ol’ Classic Board Games

My best winter memories are of my family and I playing an intense game of Uno or the Logo Game. Board games are a phenomenal boredom buster not just for kids but adults too (*cough* Cards Against Humanity *cough*). Pull out some board games, drink some hot cocoa, and enjoy a pleasant night in! No people to play with? No problem! There are plenty of solo card and board games out there waiting to be discovered!

#2 Get Crafty With Your Hands!

The best kind of crafts are simple yet stimulating. A simple walk through Micheal’s or your local craft store can reveal a plethora of entertaining knick-knacks and pollywogs. Latch-Hooking, crocheting, knitting, toy model building, and coloring are all great and simple to get started with! When I’m winding down for the night, I turn on a podcast and bust out the flower latch hook rug I’m creating. It’s simple, relaxing, and keeps my brain stimulated!

#3 Learn a New Instrument

Have you always wanted to learn the guitar? Piano? Irish Piccolo? Whatever it is, see about renting or buying your instrument of choice and try teaching yourself. There are plenty of helpful self-teaching books for almost every instrument. When in doubt, sign up for classes! Already know an instrument? Jam out with friends or turn on the radio and rock out!! I like to think that music is the gateway to the soul. If that doesn’t sell you, according to pianopower.org, playing an instrument “cultivates creativity” and “increases memory capability.”

#4 Bake!

For some reason, baking is more fun around the holidays. It’s festive, delightful, and puts you in great, holiday-hooby-whaty mood! Bust out that dusty, old cook book and try a festive tart! Or….. if you’re like me, buy the pre-made sugar dough instead….

What do you think about the ideas? Right now, I’m trying to find ways to entertain myself without T.V, my phone, or laptop. I hope this inspires you! Oh, don’t forget to follow S&S on social media and let me know what you think!

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