5 Steps to Cultivating your Creativity

“Creative people do not see things merely for what they are; they see them for what they can be.”

Julie Israel

I like to think that creativity is the soul’s way of unhinging it’s true self. It’s something we can all relate to, experience, and it unifies us all.

The greatest intuitive guidance I’ve received is to cultivate my creativity: To use my creativity as a medium to express how I feel or to share ideas. This lead me to think about ways I can be a better creative and I wanted to share what I learned with you.

The steps below are a few ideas I came up with and use in my life.
As always, follow your intuition and vibe with what resonates and leave the rest!


Step One – Disconnect to Reconnect.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million and a half times: Society is distracted (another topic for another day).  But as creative people, the best way to reconnect to our inner creative beings is to disconnect. I’m not just talking about disconnecting from social media but also from technology as a whole. A day or even a weekend of no tech (no TV, limited phone use, no Internet) is phenomenal for creativity because you have zero distractions. The only thing you can focus on is your craft. It’s liberating and beautiful. Even turning off music and creating to the natural ebbs and flows of your environment brings about a sense of creative catharsis.

Step Two – Create without Judgment

Your craft is an extension of you. Your art is a piece of your soul. Create boundlessly! Let your creativity flow from you without self-imposed restrictions or judgment. Make creativity your safe space. In this space, you do not judge what pours out of you as it is a sacred whisper from your soul’s inner workings.

Flow with your creativity. Don’t worry about what people might say or are saying. Don’t compare. Let it out. Free yourself.

Step Three – Expand your Knowledge!

Expose yourself to new techniques and new ways to be creative! There is nothing more fulfilling than taking time to deepen your creative knowledge or to find new mediums:

  • Take an online class on CreativeBug or see what free classes are available on YouTube.
  • Go to your local craft store, community college, theatre, or creative business and see if they have in-person courses available.
  • Pick up a book on a topic in your craft or target artform. The library or your local bookstore has plenty of fun books that can challenge and expand you.
  • Join a group or get together with a friend and work on your art together! The journey is always more fun with someone else!

Step Four – Create a Sacred Creation Space

Your creation space can be whatever you want: A tiny corner in your room, a whole room, a shed, wherever your heart desires! Just dedicate someplace to get in the zone. Decorate it beautifully and design it to be a space where YOU feel comfortable pouring your soul into your craft. Organize your materials, add trinkets, inspirational posters, crystals, or music.  Make this space your home!

For me, my entire room is my “creation space.”  I have my piano, art materials, books, and music around me and readily available. Whenever the mood hits, I go to my room or simply pull out what I need and get creating! I try to keep everything organized, saged, and SiSi-tastic (lol). Frankly, I feel the most creative and comfortable in my sacred space and it’s been a blessing to my creativity.

Step Five – Form Connections with Other Creators.

The tried and true statement of “iron sharpens iron” rings true for everyone, especially creators. Surround yourself with people that boost your creativity or put you in a creative mood. Start a zoom call and collaborate with people, have a creation day with your peeps, join meetups. Find people that push your craft to the next level!

You can cultivate creativity at any time! Whenever you need to recharge your creative juices, come back to this post for ideas! As always, listen to your inner guidance. It always knows what you need.

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